“He was considered one of the finest men his town had ever produced.”

Lt. John Connors, a Navy SEAL, died on December 20, 1989 during Operation Nifty Package, a mission to disable movement of, then apprehend, Manuel Noriega. Lt. Connor’s platoon succeeded in destroying Noriega’s plane, which facilitated Noriega’s capture on January 3, 1990.

In the October 1990 issue of Reader’s Digest, Malcolm McConnell wrote about Lt. Connor’s heroism in an article titled “Measure of Man.” I hope that you may take the time to read it.

The monument to Lt. John P. Connors at the confluence of Broadway and Warren Street. January 6, 2011.

3 thoughts on ““He was considered one of the finest men his town had ever produced.”

  1. Bravo Zulu LT. You are missed. Squeezing your I.V. because you had to finish a treatment so the doctor would let you go. You just had to be with your men. I won’t ever forget you and the sacrifice you made 20 Dec 1989. This Memorial Day, I will teach my two sons the story of Lt John P Connors. I might even mention Don, Chris and Issac too. You are missed Dear Friend.

    1. Each year I honor the memory of this hero and my own nephew , Chief Petty Officer, NHardy, Gold Squad, Devgru ( Seal Team Six) KIA Iraq,Feb(Super Bowl Sunday) Feb. 2008 by playing in a golf tournament in his memory and for a scholarship in his name run by his brother. NEVER FORGET THESE FALLEN HEROES who came back on their shields.

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