Roll Call

Town Moderator John Leone and Town Clerk Stephanie Lucarelli tally the results of a roll call vote during a short break in a special town meeting called to address, among other things, the possibility of overturning the seasonal ban on gas-powered leaf blowers. The result of the roll call, 110-95 in the negative, essentially left the existing restrictions on leaf blowers in place.
October 10, 2012.

Town Hall: Odds and Ends

A collection of fixtures and other trinkets hanging on the wall behind the stage.

Dennis Ahern writes with more information about this little display:

“The curious framework is a California Job Case of the kind used to contain
foundry type for letterpress printing. The back (bottom) of the drawer has
been removed. In a California case, the left two-thirds contain the lower
case letters and punctuation, and the right third has the capital letters
arranged alphabetically except for J and U, which are tacked on after X, Y, Z.”

WPA Walking Tour – Town Hall

To count down the days to the end of summer, I will be taking you on a virtual walking tour of Arlington–the same one outlined in 1937’s The WPA Guide to Massachusetts. Each entry will include an excerpt from the book about each site visited. Hopefully this will give us a little insight as to how things have changed in the past 73 years. Town Hall at number twelve.

“The Town Hall designed by R. Clipston Sturgis and built about 1914,

is a contemporary adaptation of Colonial design. Two stories in height, the ‘great hall’

is surrounded on three sides by administrative offices.”

The cupola of Arlington's Town Hall atop which sits a pineapple, a traditional symbol of welcome in New England. August 9, 2010.