David Lamson Way

A small passage from Massachusetts Avenue to public parking behind Not Your Average Joe's, named for the leader of the Menotomy Minutemen, David Lamson. July 9, 2011.

More information on David Lamson can be found in former Arlington Historical Society President Howard B. Winkler’s Memorial Day address at Prince Hall Cemetery.

35mm Film

I’ve had my grandfather’s old Yashica FX-2 35mm film camera sitting in my closet for the last year and a half. I’ve finally decided to put it to use.

Every picture on this photo blog so far has been shot digitally. In fact, I haven’t shot with a 35mm SLR film camera for about 15 years–it might take me a bit to re-learn everything.

So from here on out, I’ll be posting a mix of digital and film. You’ve been warned.

A tea candle in the backyard after a Fourth of July get together. July 4, 2011.