Arlington From Afar

Arlington can be seen on the horizon from the tower in Mount Auburn Cemetery (Cambridge/Watertown.) On the left hill is the Park Avenue water tower and one can easily see the green water tower of Turkey Hill. At right, in the foreground, Bigelow Chapel is nestled in the trees of Mount Auburn Cemetery, and also to the right, almost at the edge of the frame, is the steeple of the Pleasant Street Congregational Church. April 22, 2010.

Arlington Winter

A view of Arlington in the winter from the Alewife Parking Garage on February 2, 2010.

To the top right, one can see the rubble of the Symmes site. At the top middle, the building just barely peeking above the tree line, with the three white dots on top is the Stratton School. In the center, the gabled roof of Arlington Senior Center and the white steeple of the Park Avenue Congregational Church can be seen. At the middle right, three of the four white chimneys and cupola of the Whittemore-Robbins House is visible. And to the left of that, there is the blue-domed steeple of the Highrock Church.

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