Photo Map

I have updated the map through 2011, so there are over 500 markers to explore all over the town of Arlington.

The RED markers indicate the daily photos, the YELLOW marks the locations of the stops on the popular WPA Walking Tour, the BLUE markers show the sites of the Entryways series, and the LIGHT BLUE represent Blue Oval buildings.

The map is based in Google Maps, so you can explore it with all the same features you are used to. (I suggest turning on the “hybrid” feature to see the satellite image of Arlington along with the roads et cetera.)

Just click below to take you to the full-size, interactive map.

4 thoughts on “Photo Map

  1. Dear Ben,
    I have just finished viewing your photographs of Arlington, still enjoy seeing this area of your state.
    I had the pleasure of visiting Boston, Cambridge,Arlington & Lexington in 1976 & the memories of the area are still with me to this day. I spent 3 weeks there staying at the Holiday Inn on Mass Ave. I still plan to revisit, maybe the Autumn of 2013.
    Thank you for the great photo’s
    Alan Thomas
    Newcastle Australia

    1. Just came backhome after seven years with military. Thank you for all the great photos of myhome and stomping grounds growing up. Tim

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