The Foot of the Rocks

Three stones at Massachusetts Avenue and Lowell Street mark the area once known as "The Foot of the Rocks," where Minutemen from Menotomy and surrounding towns engaged British troops on April 19, 1775. April 11, 2011.

Once Around

The rotary at Mystic Valley Parkway and Medford Street was featured in the 1991 movie "Once Around" starring Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss. Overhead shots of cars circling the rotary are used in the opening and closing shots of the movie as well as other important times throughout the story.


A sign on the front lawn of the Jason Russell House points towards the entrance. At left, the plaque on the flagpole honors Judge James R. Parmenter, former president of the Arlington Historical Society. August 9, 2010.


A sign at Robbins Farm reminding dog owners that their dogs need to be leashed at all times. Town Meeting recently approved a measure that will fine owners who disregard the law on their first offense. Previously they would only be given a warning. April 22, 2011.