WPA Walking Tour – Water Standpipe

To count down the days to the end of summer, I will be taking you on a virtual walking tour of Arlington–the same one outlined in 1937’s The WPA Guide to Massachusetts. Each entry will include an excerpt from the book about each site visited. Hopefully this will give us a little insight as to how things have changed in the past 73 years. This post brings us not only to the last stop on the tour, but the last day of summer 2010.

“The Water Standpipe (open to visitors each second Sun.) rises 50 feet above the loftiest point on Arlington Heights, emphasizing

the great difference between the lowest and highest altitude of this town. From a balcony near the top,

Boston and the harbor are visible to the east; to the west Mt. Monadnock and Mt. Wachusett are dim blue shapes on the horizon.”

The Park Avenue water tower on July 22, 2010.

2 thoughts on “WPA Walking Tour – Water Standpipe

  1. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been open for a while due to restorations and, apparently, terrorism fears. Hopefully sometime in the near future it will again host the public to enjoy the wonderful views from its balcony.

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