2 thoughts on “Slides

  1. I remember when they were metal when I was little, and the slope was much more dramatic. My grandmother gave me wax paper to sit on, I was probably going close to 30 mph toward the bottom. It’s sad what that slide became, I can only imagine how much more the fun will be reduced with the new slide.

    1. I can’t agree with you more. It was a great slide and I am so sad to hear it is gone. The speed was totally depending on the time of year and the temperature. I remember my mom giving me wax paper to sit on for our backyard slide. It didn’t work so well for me….but then I had a daughter of my own and we spent countless hours at the Robbin’s Farm park. My husband had the brilliant idea of “WD-40” for the slide. WOW!!!! That was quite a ride, no broken legs, thank goodness, but it was fun!!!

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